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La Dolce Vita: One of the Best Restaurants in Ottawa ?

What makes up a great restaurant ? We believe there are several characteristics that create the best restaurants, whether they are on Preston Street - Little Italy, Ottawa or throughout the world. With these qualities, Italian restaurants like ours should expect to fill the tables with satisfied customers enjoying the delicious food, great service and interesting atmosphere. Even small restaurants can become the best ones if they understand and include the characteristics that make up the best restaurant in their own establishment. At La Dolce Vita, pursuing the goal to be one of the best Italian restaurants has led to happy repeat customers every single week of the year.

High Quality Ingredients, Great Recipes & Expert Chef

The best Italian restaurant should have a high standard when it comes to the quality of food they serve. La Dolce Vita sources mainly quality local ingredients, and everything is homemade in our kitchen with love & care - for each and every meal we prepare. We mostly prepare traditional Italian recipes, but with the additional magical touch of our Mediterranean Chef that has been at La Dolce Vita for 19 years.

A Diverse and Tasty Menu is a Must

In our opinion, a great restaurant should also boast a diverse and tasty menu that reflects the authenticity of the place. For us, this means traditional Italian gourmet dishes, made with love, care and knowledge of the essence of authentic Italian recipes. Add a special touch by our experienced Mediterranean Chef and voila - your senses will be in for a culinary treat !

When you add to that a diversity of entrees, appetizers, main dishes as well as a large selection of wines, beers and other beverages to meet many tastes and find the perfect marriage with a particular dish, it means that you can come back again and again and compose a different meal for a renewed culinary experience.

But to get a "best Italian restaurant" label one must also consider the diversity of people to which the establishment caters. Whether it is a kid friendly menu, a Gluten-free menu for people with Celiac disease, or a Vegan friendly menu, a restaurant must accommodate different groups of people so that the majority can come and enjoy their dining experience fully and truly. And this is whether you want to eat in, takeout or get delivered.

What About the Atmosphere ?

The whole experience of going out to a restaurant would not be complete if the atmosphere of the dining room does not match the culinary experience. A cozy, friendly, Mediterranean atmosphere, with an open kitchen concept is what La Dolce Vita brings to you - so that you have a great mix of privacy but still can "taste" the cuisine with your eyes before it actually arrives at your table.

Now we would like you to judge whether we are the best Italian restaurant in Ottawa - come and taste the Flavors of the Old Italy at La Dolce Vita!

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